2000w Heater Element 96″


This Element Fits our : HC1500 Hot Cupboard and HC1500P Passthrough Hot Cupboard

• Stainless Steel
• 8.5mm diameter
• 50mm un-heated ends
• 4mm lock-nut threaded terminals
• Nickel filament
• minimum radius 30mm

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Nordstar Straight Rod Heaters are universally recognized for their versatility in a multitude of industries. Offering a broad array of lengths and the capacity to be adapted into many shapes, this brand of rod heaters raises the bar in heating solutions. With a price point that’s notably lower than comparative heating elements, these cost-effective Nordstar rod heaters also substantially reduce replacement expenses. Equally efficient in both wet and dry applications, and apt for air and liquid heating, Nordstar’s rod heaters raise the benchmark in adaptability. These appliances can be customized with thermostats, simmerstats, or energy regulators for optimal heating control, all of those are available at Nordstar.

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