NordStar Dimmer Controller


TYPE: UVR/S Dimmer

Voltage: 230v

Rating: 17amps

USED WITH: Halogen heat lamps for heated pass / heated gantry

Suitable for Heated Serving Counters
Catering Lamps
Quartz Elements
Ceramic Elements
Heating Elements


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Nordstar’s UVR/S Variable Dimmer Control for Kitchen Heat Lamps
Our UVR/S variable dimmer control is an advanced solution specially tailored for kitchen environments. This innovative device controls heat lamps by dimming the output which effectively adjusts the temperature, ensuring you have optimum control. These dimmer controllers are available in single-phase 230VAC. With a load current maximum capacity of 17A, our UVR/S dimmer controller provides reliable and consistent performance. This Controller is the current model used by all of our heated gantries, it can also be adapted to be used on other brands gantries to repair them
The use of these types of power controllers is where the simplicity of control is required. They operate on the same principle as a light dimmer by slicing the voltage wave smaller and smaller to reduce the power output.
They are used to control catering heat lamps in catering equipment and infrared lamps on vacuum forming machines as they prevent the blinking on-off effect.
They have a maximum working capacity of 17A which equates to 4000w with the correct heat sink and heat-sink paste applied.

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