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Hot Cupboard Buyers Guide

By February 20, 2023No Comments

What to look for when buying a Hot Cupboard

Buying any equipment for your commercial kitchen is always a gamble, you need to know that what you are buying is good quality, robust enough to withstand the day-to-day grind of being in a busy restaurant, pub, hotel and reliable so that you don’t end up with the inevitable Friday night mid-service breakdown causing chaos to you, your staff and your customers.

We have broken down the key factors we think you need to bear in mind before investing in a Hot Cupboard or chef’s pass for your commercial kitchen:

The quality of any product comes down to how it’s put together, the components, craftmanship and fixings that can make or break any product. Whatever the budget you want to know that your money isn’t going to be wasted on a product that is going to fall apart within 6-12 months. NordStar Hot Cupboards and Gantrys are made using the latest in laser and CNC technology. Assembled by experts with many years of experience in the stainless steel industry, fully welded for a strong and long-lasting unit that won’t end up a ricketty mess after a few months

When buying a Hot Cupboard it’s important to realise the cost of running the unit and the impact that will have on your running costs. with today’s electricity rates as high as 18.2p per KwH this is more important than ever, (for more information on restaurant electricity costs please see this article) Cheaper units aren’t insulated and although they may be a couple of hundred pounds cheaper to buy in the first place an un-insulated hot cupboard could cost you £229 a month to run over an insulated hot cupboard at £137 a month (based on a 14-hour daily shift) The Nordstar Hot Cupboard range is fully insulated, worktop, side panels and doors which makes them one of the most efficient hot cupboards on the market. Spending an extra £200-£300 on our better quality hot cupboards could save you up to £1104 per year on your electricity bills.

One thing every restaurant, pub, takeaway, school, and hotel needs is reliability. When you have mouths to feed and a limited time to get the task done, the last thing you need is equipment breaking down mid-service. it is not always about the latest and greatest digital displays and gadgets keeping things simple is (more often than not) the most effective way. NordStar products are using tried and tested simple components that are reliable, robust and easily maintained.

Buying a new Hot Cupboard or Gantry is an investment into your business and as with every investment, it is always best to make a wise choice. There is a vast difference between buying a Fiat and a Ferrari however for the more shrewd customers out there a BMW, AUDI or MERCEDES fits the bill for quality, prestige, reliability, price and value. This is where Nordstar Positions itself in the market, not being the cheapest but certainly matching much more expensive brand’s quality and prestige.

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