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Keeping Food Warm

By February 20, 2023June 24th, 2023No Comments

Picture the scenario, it is a busy Sunday, the restaurant is packed and the orders are coming in thick and fast. What started as a dream soon becomes a complete nightmare when you haven’t got enough space to plate up and keep those plates warm so that your customer gets their meal as you intended it to be, tasty, piping hot and ready to eat.

“Chefs labour over their food for countless hours to create a moment of pleasure for their guests” – The Culinary Pro

The last thing a chef needs when preparing inspiring food is to be worrying about how much space he/she has got to plate up, how hot the plates are, and how the food is going to stay warm whilst the service staff are on their way to fetch it for your eager customers to dine on, simply put chefs want to get on with the task in hand and dont need problems constantly cause upset to their workflow.

Also with today’s customers only being more than willing to take to the internet on sites such as Trip Advisor to express their disgust, with quotes like “Cold plates equals cold food.” and “waited for ages, food cold” it makes more and more sense to dot the I’s and Cross the T’s by having a chefs pass that keeps food and plates warm, as well as keeping the plated food piping hot before heading out to your adoring customers.

The Nordstar Range of Combos will enable all Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs and Takeaways to do exactly that, a well insulated Hot Cupboard with a powerful 2.5kw element, paired with a heated gantry fitted with 300w hot lamps will do the job nicely and keep angry chefs from bending restauranters ears day and night over not having enough heated space to plate up.